MB7AYS / Yeovil 2M WebSDR / G7OGG / ADS-B


I have just placed an experimental 2M WebSDR online, would love some feed back for it.

Click here for the 2Mtr WebSDR. 

Click here to view ADS-B Aircraft live map.

News Updates:

NEW 13/08/22 – The ADS-B Raspberry Pi and it’s SDR receiver is now running on solar power. My aim eventually is to get the webSDR and the gateway also running under solar power.

29/07/22 – WebSDR is now running on an i5 laptop with 8GB RAM, which should allow approximately 20 users. There is now also a “MAP” feature (top right) which shows FT8 and APRS received stations and can be used to show propagation on 2M from the webSDR location in Yeovil IO80qw. The map only updates while there is someone viewing the SDR, so give it a few minutes!

30/04/22 – The webSDR is currently running only on a Raspberry PI 3 which is under powered and is struggling to hold more than 4 users at a time. Therefore I have decreased the band width down to 1 MHz span to try to help.

In the next few weeks I will build a more powerful PC and hopefully add more user’s and bands.

I also run a local Hubnet node MB7AYS on 70cm 430.0625 MHz from my home QTH.

New 29/07/22 – I have just put online an ADS-B receiver which show aircraft in the area which transmit transponder information. Click here to view the live map.

Yaesu FTDX101MP, Expert 2K-FA AMP and Heil PR781 mic.
Hex Beam by SP7IDX and my home made linear loaded trapped dipole for 40 and 80M.